Mayrtec – Günther Mayr – Konstruktion, Feinmechanik und Fertigung aus Kallham in Oberösterreich1

Construction | Engineering

Planning – Construction – Design 

In order to plan, design and develop complex mechanical assemblies, machines, devices, drive technologies and models, we use the following CAD software:
Solid Works

The 3D perspective gives you three-dimensional images that give you a very detailed impression of your future projects / models. As a result, the work that is currently still in the planning stage can already be depicted in a very photorealistic way. Therefore, errors can be detected early and corrected.

Our scope of services in construction / planning includes:

  • designs, concepts of machinery
  • Items / assembly
  • special machine
  • sheet metal developments / welded constructions
  • exploded view drawings, parts lists
  • risk analysis of plants and components
  • strength calculation
  • 3D-rendering


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Mayrtec - Ing. Günther Mayr
Mayrtec – Ing. Günther Mayr