Mayrtec – Günther Mayr – Konstruktion, Feinmechanik und Fertigung aus Kallham in Oberösterreich1


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The company Mayrtec Engineering was founded by Ing. Günther Mayr on 01.11.2012.

The idea of founding the company came from years flying model aircraft and gaining professional experience in the design, special machine construction and production of mechanical parts. The owner graduated from the HTL Mechatronik with honors.

His greatest achievements in flying model aircraft include a world title – 2010 in the US, two state championship titles and a FAI world record. These titles were achieved through innovative solutions that are associated with perfection and accuracy.

Furthermore, Ing. Günther Mayr was able to acquire further know-how in the scope of his diploma thesis in the areas of safety-related components, hazard potentials, legal safety regulations and constructions of machines / assemblies.

Our expertise is driven by experienced people, a good network and close cooperation with the companies Triple-M and AFCC e.U.


Ing. Günther Mayr

Owner & Designer

Carina Mayr

Online Shop & Office

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Mayrtec - Ing. Günther Mayr
Mayrtec – Ing. Günther Mayr